" A fable says that kings of Siam used to give White Elephants to their unfavourite courtiers. The unfortunate recipient could neither maintain the animal nor return "

Digital Channels Management

Websites, Mobile apps have a purpose. They are the visible face of an organization and reveal moment of truth to the rest of the world. They are meant to be more than electronic brochures. It is not enough to build and maintain expensive websites or mobile applications without defining the business goals. These Digital Channels serve several useful purposes such as sourcing new customers, facilitating transactions, selling products, generating enquiries and resolving grievances. If used wisely digital channels go a long way in enhancing an organization's public perception on one hand and adding value to its own business goals on the other.

Digital Dimensions will help you exploit the full potential of the digital channels for the purpose as explained above.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Formulating the strategy and arriving at cost / benefit structure to control Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost of Acquisition (COA)
  • Getting insights into measuring, monitoring and improving effectiveness of your Organization's website through analytics and trends
  • Creating deep links for showing mobile apps in the search engine results
  • Effective use of Below The Line (BTL) channels such as emails, SMS, other collaterals, your website, branches, ATMs etc.
  • Building and executing Multi Channel campaigns to improve cross sell opportunities

" Allotropes are different physical forms of the same element. For instance Diamond, Graphite, Charcoal are allotropes of Carbon "

Omni Channels Strategy

Organizations should not believe that their channels are allotropes. Which means their Branches, Call Centers, IVRs, Websites, Mobile applications, Self Service Kiosks tend to operate in silos with one channel completely isolated from any other. Whereas the customers of the organizations do not make this distinction while interacting with an organization and end up being dismayed due to lack of coordination amongst multiple channels. To avoid that it is important to have a unified multi channel strategy to give customers seamless experience irrespective of which channel/s they choose to interact with at any point in time.

Digital Dimensions will help you deliver on the promise of common user experience through integrated multi channels.

  • Formulating integrated Omni Channel strategy to provide personalized and uniform customer experience across several digital channels
  • Building user friendly digital channels such as website, mobile applications, IVR, ATMs, kiosks, social media and even branches
  • Designing user interfaces (UX/UI), conducting usability studies, optimizing contents for search engines, deploying content management systems
  • Creating MIS and reports for monitoring performance against set goals and for compliance with regulatory guidelines.

" Banking is no longer somewhere you go but something you do. Brett King in Bank 3.0 "

Mobile First

We need to reboot the primacy of a branch as a bank. Mobile is the most ubiquitous device from the grasslands to Masai Mara to the Central Park in NYC. SO offering entire suite of banking products and services on mobile applications should be a no brainer. However a sizable number of banks are still tentative or rather slow in wholeheartedly leveraging the full potential of this phenomenon.

Digital Dimensions understands the power of mobile. It also has expertise and experience of successfully launching and delivering banking solutions on mobile phones in the second most populous country in the world.

  • Building a culture in an organisation to think of delivering solutions to their customers first on the mobile phones
  • Designing mobile apps and responsive websites which are device agnostic and building mobile applications including wallets
  • Building solutions across other access channels such as USSD, SMS
  • Delivering payment solutions through mobile phones
  • Providing other allied services such as setting up SMS gateway, missed call service, IVR based solutions