" Artificial Intelligence would one day understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted and it would give you the right thing. – Larry Page "

AI & Natural Language Processing

To understand and meet expectations of your customers you will need far deeper insight and predictive abilities than your organisation possesses today. Besides, the only way to meaningfully interpret the vast amount of data generated by your organization is to use the AI tools to decipher that data. Next in line is understanding the natural language rather than expecting your customers to learn your industry jargons in order to get the right product or a service. Going forward, it will be a determining factor in how long you retain your customers.

Digital Dimensions works with the best brains in the industry who will help you discover and exploit the true potential of your business enterprise.

  • Building tools, products and services to increase efficiency and effectiveness of sales force and contact centres through speech recognition at IVR, chatbots
  • Use of advanced analytics to gauge customer sentiment and intent through social media and app store chatter
  • Using computing power of machine learning as a force multiplier to strengthen sales and service delivery
  • Developing capabilities for improving effectiveness of supervised machine leaning